The specific purposes of this corporation are to benefit, support, and enhance the excellence of California community colleges; to support, design and implement professional development for California community college faculty; to research, develop and communicate effective practices to promote effective teaching and learning in the California community colleges; and to promote a variety of activities and strategies to advance teaching and learning.

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General Donations

Donations made at Academic Senate events and through the link above are used for scholarships, events, and additional Academic Senate Foundation activities. Donors are recognized at the individual level in a variety of ways such as receptions, website mentions, and through direct communication with donors.

15 for 15 Campaign

The Academic Senate Foundation for California Community Colleges is having new fundraising campaign aimed at supporting the incredible faculty members of California community colleges! In honor of the 15 year anniversary of the Foundation, we are asking for $15 donations to support our scholarship programs.

With your generous contributions, the Foundation can ensure that faculty have access to resources, professional development opportunities, and necessary support systems. Together, let’s empower our community college faculty to continue supporting student success and contribute towards building a brighter future for all. Join us in this important cause by donating today!

Innovation Scholarship

The Academic Senate Foundation for California Community Colleges launched the brand new Innovation Scholarship in 2021 to award scholarships for faculty in the California Community College system to attend professional development events across the state. Faculty can apply for a grant of up to $1,500 to participate in professional development (workshops, classes, webinars, institutes and conferences). The goal of these grants would be for faculty to expand their understanding of best practices and apply them at their local colleges and share those results with the field. Awardees are expected to complete a short written follow up with the ASCCC on what ideas or practices they have applied and be willing to share that information with the field. Summaries of completed projects will be shared by the FASCCC and made available online to facilitate dialogue and sharing among faculty. *Any remaining funding will be used for the following year’s applicants.

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10 + 1 Campaign

Become an advocate for the future success and advancement of California Community Colleges. Contribute monthly to the 10 + 1 program to support the professional development of part-time faculty, the Professional Development College, and research in the area of Academic and Professional Matters (Title 5 §53200).