Academic Senate Foundation Supporters

The work of the Foundation would not be possible without the ongoing support we receive from our donors and sponsors. The generosity of compassionate individuals and organizations provides access to continuing quality programs, effective trainings, and fundamental research that directly serves over 60,000 faculty members- all for the movement to further the success of California community colleges.

Interested in becoming a supporter?

Please contact: or by phone (916) 445-4753.


Monthly Ongoing Giving

Julie Adams
Randy Beach
Julie Bruno
Adrienne Foster
Ginni May
Richard Mahon
Craig Rutan
Lorraine Slattery-Farrell
Dan Crump
Cheryl Aschenbach
James Todd

Area Competition Contributors

Julie Adams
Cheryl Aschenbach
Joshua Ashenmiller
Lara Baxley
Joel Beutal
Marie Boyd
Wendy Brill-Wynkoop
Jeff Burdick
Julie Clark
Kristie Daniel
Dolores Davison
Lauririe Dockter
Jason Edington
Rebecca Eikey
Sam Foster
John Freitas
Marilyn Fry
Jolena Grande
Georgine Hodgkinson
Tate Hurvitz
Mary Legner
Caree Lesh
Margaret Loving
Harold Martin
Virginia May
Carol Catherine McKay
Sara McKinnon
David Morse
Alicia Munoz
Wheeler North
Kelly Pernell
Mario Rivas
Carrie Roberson
Craig Rutan
Sherryl Rutan
Michelle Sampat
Leigh Anne Shaw
Lorraine Slattery-Farrell
Tamara Smith
Cleavon Smith
Robert Snowden
Wendell Stephenson
Alfi Swan
Pamela Walker
Monica Zarske

Individual Single Donation

Ian Walton
Gary Grudnitski
Kathryn Silliman
David Balch
Ester Alonso
Rebecca “Becky” L. Rudd
Steven Isonio
Peter Blakemore
Roopa Mathur
Mark Wong
David Scott Dawson
Stephanie Coopman
Mary Mazzocco