The Academic Senate Foundation often offers scholarship opportunities to Senate Institutes and Plenary Sessions throughout the year to faculty members. Below is a list of available opportunities and a list of past scholarship winners. Be sure to check back often for updates.

Scholarship winners can fill out the ASFCCC Reimbursement Form when need to be reimbursed for expenses.

Open Scholarship Opportunities

Innovation Scholarship

The ASFCCC is pleased to announce the new Innovation Scholarship. The goal of this new scholarship is to provide faculty with funding to attend ASCCC events as well as external events and conferences to expand their understanding of best practices and apply them to their local college and share those results with the field at large. Special consideration will be given to grants that promote and enhance  IDEA (Inclusivity, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Anti-racism). Please submit the Innovation Scholarship Application.

Faculty Scholarship Winners

2023 Curriculum Institute Scholarship

Kathleen Hicks, Bakersfield College
Alejandra Castaneda, San Diego City College
Cherise Mantia, Galivan College

2023 A2MEND Summit Scholarship

Amanda Campbell, Orange Coast College
Andrea Eke-Amacker, Orange Coast College
Charles Gaylord, Los Angeles City College
Winnie Hung, Cosumnes River College

2023 Spring Plenary Session Scholarship – Hybrid

Anthony Battle, West Los Angeles College
Michelle Beasley, Taft College
Christopher Cardona, Palo Verde College
John Crocitti, San Diego Mesa College
Lynn Erikson Rhode, Santa Rosa Junior College
Monica Esquivel, Antelope Valley College
Ashlie Lawson, Solano Community College
Lorraine Levy, Evergreen Valley College
Annette Owens, El Camino College
Adam Runyan, Lassen College
Jacqueline Shehorn, West Hills College Lemoore
Jeanne Thomas, Santa Rosa Junior College

2022 Fall Plenary Session Scholarship – Hybrid

Candace Duron, Taft College
Jacqueline Shehorn, West Hills College Lemoore
Robyn Noyes, College of the Sequoias
Cherise Mantia, Galivan College
Charlie Kahn-Lomax, Evergreen Valley College
Phuong (Emily) Banh, Evergreen Valley College
Yvonne Canada-Clarke, Diablo Valley College
Edgar Perez, Los Angeles Valley College
John Crocitti, San Diego Mesa College
John Grounds, Crafton Hills College
Amy Alsup, Miramar College

2022 A2MEND Summit Scholarship

Erum Syed, Los Angeles Southwest College 
Ivan C. Tircuit, Santa Rosa Junior College
Parvaneh (Par) Mohammadian, Los Angeles Mission College
Adedeji B. Egunnike, American River College
Donnisha Lugo, Cosumnes River College

2022 Spring Plenary Session – Hybrid

Naomi Bahm, Cosumnes River College
Gabriela Segade, Contra Costa College
Beverly Natividad, Mt. San Jacinto College
Henrietta Hurtado, Cerritos College
Leslie Shull, Sacramento City College
Sarah Harmon, Canada College
Celeste Solis, College of the Sequoias
Nina Calabretta, Orange Coast College
Nick Strobel, Bakersfield College
Lisa Ratchford, Diablo Valley College
Sara Rahimnejad, San Bernardino Valley College
John Crocitti, San Diego Mesa College
Jason Librande, West Los Angeles College

2021 Fall Plenary Session – Hybrid

Garry Johnson, Evergreen Valley College
John Crocitti, San Diego Mesa College
Gisselle Simon, West Hills College Lemoore
Dennis Falcon, Cerritos College
Jennifer Shouse, Sierra College
Gena Lopez, Pasadena City College
Daniel Kiely, Diablo Valley College
Patricia Manley, San Diego Miramar College
Lindsay Weiler, Crafton Hills College
Pablo Martin, San Diego Miramar College
Hope Davis, Imperial Valley College
Eduardo Vasquez, Barstow Community College
Henrietta Hurtado, Cerritos College
Rosiangela Escamilla, San Diego Mesa College
Paula Gustin, San Diego Mesa College
Nadia Khan, MiraCosta College
Donna Frankel, Foothill College

2020 Fall Plenary Session – Virtual

Sharon Sampson, Grossmont College
John Crocitti, San Diego Mesa College
Rocco Versaci, Palomar College
Rose Giordano, Folsom Lake College
Hossna Sadat Ahadi, Palomar College
Patrice Braswell, Grossmont Colleg
Mary Gwin, San Diego Mesa College
Cherise Mantia, Gavilan College
Debra J. Crumpton, Sacramento City College
Sarah Dunn, Grossmont College
Ryan Tripp, Los Medanos College
Kevin Corse, Oxnard College
Jaime Garcia, San Bernardino Valley College
Hope Davis, Imperial Valley College
Maria Aguilar Beltran, Santa Ana College
Amy Diaz-Infante, City College of San Francisco

2020 A2MEND Male Summit

Tara Franks, Sierra College
Maisha Jones, Los Angeles Southwest
Susan Kurnett, Sierra College

2019 Fall Plenary Session

Matthew Goldstein, College of Alameda
Kari Johnson, Madera Community College Center
Patrick Moe, Diablo Valley College

2019 Faculty Leadership Institute

Paul Alexander, San Diego City College
Karen Crozer, Los Angeles Mission College
Laura Murphy, San Diego Miramar College

2019 Spring Plenary

Shelley Blackman, Evergreen Valley College
Andrew Delunas, Gavilan College
Sean Ryland, Lake Tahoe Community College

2018 Fall Plenary Session

Warren S. Carter, Golden West College
Stuart K. Souki, East Los Angeles College

2018 Fall Plenary Session

Darcie McClelland, El Camino College
Perpetua Okoh, Elcamino Compton College
Roy Shahbazian, Santa Ana College

2018 Spring Plenary Session

Elizabeth Marinelli, Lake Tahoe Community College
Glenn Samples, Bakersfield College
Jeff Wanderer, West Hills College Coalinga

2018 A2MEND Male Summit

Juan Antonio Gamboa Jr., De Anza Community College/San Jose City College
Elton Robinson, Los Angeles Trade Technical College

Part Time Faculty Scholarship Winners

2018 Fall Plenary Session

Jessica Saint-Paul, Los Angeles Southwest College

2017 Spring Plenary Session

Dianne Purves, Crafton Hills College

2016 Fall Plenary Session

Janson Librande, San Diego Miramar College, Biological Sciences

2016 Faculty Leadership Institute

Katherine Schaefers Foothill College, Anthropology Professor

2015 Faculty Leadership Institute

Denise L. Norris, Bakersfield College

2015 Spring Plenary Session

Julie Ashmore, Los Medanos College

2014 Fall Plenary Session

Evangeline Matthews, Santiago Canyon College

2014 Spring Plenary Session

Larry Veres, Antelope Valley College

2014 Academic Academy

Roseann Berg, Foothill–De Anza Community College

Prior to 2014, the Foundation has awarded at least three scholarships each year since 2011.