The Academic Senate Foundation is hosting another annual Area competition during the Spring Plenary Session to raise $15,000 in celebration of the ASFCCC’s 15-year anniversary! Will you help us reach this goal?

There are three ways to win!

  • The Area that raises the most overall money during the competition will be awarded the Area Competition trophy
  • The College that has the most donations will get the College trophy
  • To celebrate 15 years of the foundation, the Area with the most individual $15 (or increments of $15) donations will win the 15 for 15 trophy

How to donate:

You may access the links below for your Area donation page. The links are now LIVE and will accept donations through 9:00 am on Saturday, April 20! Make your donation through the Give Lively platform.

Donate to Area A (Area Competition has ended)
Donate to Area B (Area Competition has ended)
Donate to Area C (Area Competition has ended)
Donate to Area D (Area Competition has ended)

What is the fundraiser for?

The funds raised will also go towards some good! Your donations assist with providing scholarships for faculty to attend professional learning events, both ASCCC events, as well as events by system partners, and support the broad engagement of the Academic Senate on issues facing our colleges and students.

Keeping Track of Standings:

The ASCCC Events team will be posting updates periodically throughout Spring Plenary Session, onsite and within our virtual event platform (Zoom Events). The winning Area will be announced on Saturday, April 20th!

For questions, please contact Tonya Davis, Director of Administration: