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The Academic Senate Foundation is proud to offer scholarships for faculty to attend the 2024 APAHE National Conference on April 3-5, 2024 at the Marriott Oakland City Center. The scholarship will cover the cost of registration ($600), 2 hotel nights ($279/night), and $300 in travel costs for select scholarship winners.


Application Questions

1. Are you planning on attending the pre-conference?
2. Have you previously received a scholarship from the Foundation for ASCCC during 2022 or 2023?

Optional Information

The ASCCC aims to intentionally support the increase of development opportunities for diverse faculty, as called for in the ASCCC Strategic Plan 2018-2023 Goal 2 Objective 2.1. In order to design and lead professional development opportunities for diverse faculty, it is essential to begin gathering data to identify and meet the needs of the diverse faculty in our community college system. We ask that you please consider answering the following optional questions to help us identify the needs of our diverse faculty. Please know that we value your voice and confidentiality, and this information will be secure and not shared or published without permission.

8. With which racial/ethnic group(s) do you identify? (check all that apply)
9. What is your sexual orientation? (check all that apply)
10. What is your current gender identity? (check all that apply)
*(Cisgender is defined as a person whose gender identity aligns with their sex assigned at birth) **(Gender non-conforming is defined as a person whose behavior or appearance does not conform to traditional gender expectations) ***(Transgender is defined as a person whose gender identity and/or expression is different from their sex assigned at birth)

The deadline to submit is February 28, 2024. Selected faculty will be notified via email two weeks after the submission date.